Areas of technology range from computers and software to automotive innovations and mining machinery. From quick-start guides to complete document sets.


Language appropriate to the audience. Systematic easy-to-understand explanation. Clear structure. When documenting software, I can - at the customer's request - propose changes to improve the user interface.

Standalone projects

  • Innovation Symposium White papers for DaimlerChrysler

  • Researching and writing contributions with three other authors for Bosch’s 125th anniversary book

  • Documenting the entire extended Prime INFO/BASIC programming language

  • Restructuring and rewriting the Competition Rules for WorldSkills International

  • Writing a complete course for marriage celebrants

Research and planning

Information is gathered through interviews, source materials and web research and then structured using mind mapping – with customer sign-off before drafting.

Long-term cooperation

You can only write excellent copy about technology if you understand it. That’s why I enter long-term partnerships with customers, working with them over many years, in some cases, decades. To mutual benefit.

Try me

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